Joseph Joubert

"It is better to debate a question without deciding it than to decide it without debate."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Words, like glasses, obscure everything they do not make clear."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"To teach is to learn twice."

Rating: 4.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Time and truth are friends, though there are many moments hostile to truth."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Innocence is always unsuspicious."

Rating: 3.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"There is a physical weakness which stems from mental ability, and a mental weakness which comes from physical ability."

Rating: 7.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"All that is good in man lies in youthful feeling and mature thought."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future."

Rating: 5.50 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Ask the young. They know everything."

Rating: 4.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so."

Rating: 2.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"God has commanded Time to console the unhappy."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Words become luminous when the poet's finger has passed over them its phosphorescence."

Rating: 6.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Politeness is the flower of humanity."

Rating: 5.50 (Number of Voters: 4)

"You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you."

Rating: 4.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"True religion is the poetry of the heart; it has enchantments useful to our manners; it gives us both happiness and virtue."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"The evening of a well-spent life brings its lamps with it."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Do not choose for your wife any woman you would not choose as your friend if she were a man."

Rating: 3.80 (Number of Voters: 5)

"To be an agreeable guest one need only enjoy oneself."

Rating: 8.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"What is true by lamplight is not always true by sunlight."

Rating: 1.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"There are single thoughts that contain the essence of the whole volume, single sentences that have the beauties of large work."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Genius is the ability to see things invisible, to manipulate things intangible, to paint things that have no features."

Rating: 4.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Our ideals, like pictures, are made from lights and shadows."

Rating: 1.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Never cut what you can untie."

Rating: 4.50 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Imagination is the eye of the soul."

Rating: 5.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them."

Rating: 7.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"He who has imagination without learning has wings but no feet."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"The talkative man speaks from his mouth, the eloquent man speaks from his heart."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Drawing is speaking to the eye; talking is painting to the ear."

Rating: 3.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"It is an aspect of all happiness to suppose that we deserve it."

Rating: 2.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Space is to place as eternity is to time."

Rating: 2.00 (Number of Voters: 1)