James Thurber

"The only rules comedy can tolerate are those of taste, and the only limitations those of libel."

James Thurber
James Thurber "Lanterns and Lances"

Rating: 3.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"The laughter of man is more terrible than his tears, and takes more forms - hollow, heartless, mirthless, maniacal."

Rating: 8.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else?"

Rating: 6.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy and wealthy and dead."

James Thurber
James Thurber "Fables for our Time"

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 5)

"The wit makes fun of other persons; the satirist makes fun of the world; the humorist makes fun of himself."

Rating: 5.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."

Rating: 4.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"The most dangerous food is wedding cake."

Rating: 4.40 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Humor is a serious thing. I like to think of it as one of our greatest earliest natural resources, which must be preserved at all cost."

Rating: 3.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more."

Rating: 5.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"There is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Love is the strange bewilderment that overtakes one person on account of another person."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man."

Rating: 5.67 (Number of Voters: 3)