Intellect, Judgement

"Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgement."

Mario Puzo
Mario Puzo "The Godfather"

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself."

Albert Camus
Albert Camus "Notebooks"

Rating: 3.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Women love us for our defects. If we have enough of them, they will forgive us everything, even our intellects."

Rating: 6.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Once we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our mind, our one duty is to furnish it well."

Rating: 3.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Experience teaches that a strong memory is generally joined to a weak judgment."

Rating: 7.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything which reaches beyond their own understanding."

Rating: 3.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another."

Rating: 6.50 (Number of Voters: 4)

"The hardest thing to understand is why we can understand anything at all."

Rating: 2.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"The intellectual world is divided into two classes - dilettantes, on the one hand, and pedants, on the other."

Rating: 3.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"There is a physical weakness which stems from mental ability, and a mental weakness which comes from physical ability."

Rating: 7.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Brain: an apparatus with which we think we think."

Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Bierce "The Devil's Dictionary"

Rating: 2.40 (Number of Voters: 5)

"The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of."

Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal "Pensées"

Rating: 3.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well, nor the judgement to hold their tongues."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but quickly to see how to make them good."

Rating: 3.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it."

Rating: 3.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Rating: 4.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"There are people who are so full of common sense that they haven't the slightest cranny left for their own sense."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. All progress, therefore, depends upon the unreasonable man."

Rating: 4.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"If you have an apple and I have an apple, and we exchange apples, we both still only have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange ideas, we each now have two ideas."

Rating: 3.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter - it`s the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning."

Rating: 6.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Everyone blames his memory; no one blames his judgment."

Rating: 6.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it."

Rating: 5.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Doubt must be no more than vigilance, otherwise it can become dangerous."

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"I think that I think, therefore I think that I am."

Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Bierce "The Devil's Dictionary"

Rating: 4.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers."

Rating: 3.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Intellect is invisible to the man who has none."

Rating: 5.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex."

Rating: 1.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"If intelligence had anything to do with the voting process, then all the smart people would vote the same."

Rating: 4.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down by the mind before you reach eighteen."

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool."

Rating: 5.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Prejudice is an opinion without judgement."

Voltaire "Philosophical Dictionary"

Rating: 5.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Childhood is the sleep of reason."

Rating: 5.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world."

Rating: 3.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Rating: 2.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"Paradox is the poisonous flower of quietism, the iridescent surface of the rotting mind, the greatest depravity of all."

Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann "The Magic Mountain"

Rating: 4.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Reason can never prove the existence of God."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."

Rating: 4.50 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed. The entire universe need not arm itself to crush him. A vapour, a drop of water suffices to kill him. But, if the Universe were to crush him, man would still be more noble than that which killed him, because he knows that he dies and the advantage which the universe has over him; the universe knows nothing of this. "

Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal "Pensées"

Rating: 2.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like a condemned man who is proud of his large cell."

Rating: 7.33 (Number of Voters: 3)