Youth and Age

"People don't like reality, they don't like common sense, until age forces it on them."

Rating: 7.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Whatever you can do, do it today and then old age will be a delicious fruit."

Rating: 7.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Age is not important unless you're a cheese."

Rating: 9.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind."

Rating: 9.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Youth is not a question of years: one is young or old from birth."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Oh, to be seventy again!"

Rating: 5.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"True love never grows old."

Rating: 3.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Wisdom goes not always by years."

Rating: 5.50 (Number of Voters: 6)

"Adults should remember that they look like insane giants to children."

Rating: 5.29 (Number of Voters: 7)

"You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing."

Rating: 8.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Education is the best provision for the journey to old age."

Rating: 4.33 (Number of Voters: 6)

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

Rating: 6.33 (Number of Voters: 6)

"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do."

Rating: 2.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"I don't know who my grandfather was; I'm much more concerned to know what his grandson will be."

Rating: 5.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"The trouble with our age is that it is all signpost and no destination."

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Everything I know I learned after I was thirty."

Rating: 9.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Time goes by, reputation increases, ability declines."

Rating: 6.40 (Number of Voters: 5)

"How do you live a long life? Take a two-mile walk every morning before breakfast."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Old people think young people haven't learned about love. Young people think old people have forgotten about love."

Rating: 7.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Age does not make us childish, as some say; it finds us true children."

Rating: 6.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"The closing years of life are like the end of a masquerade party when the masks are dropped."

Rating: 4.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."

Rating: 4.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am."

Rating: 3.00 (Number of Voters: 2)

"The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools."

Rating: 3.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"The secret of eternal youth is arrested development."

Rating: 1.00 (Number of Voters: 1)

"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children."

Rating: 5.75 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is."

Rating: 3.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

Rating: 8.25 (Number of Voters: 4)

"To grow you need to understand that the most important word in the world is not the word "me"."

Rating: 6.57 (Number of Voters: 7)

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Middle age is when you have a choice of two temptations and choose the one that will get you home earlier."

Rating: 5.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Some people have no respect for age unless it's bottled."

Rating: 6.00 (Number of Voters: 4)

"Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism is its middle-aged lust."

Jean Baudrillard
Jean Baudrillard "Cool Memories"

Rating: 6.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"It's my feeling that God lends you your children until they're about eighteen years old. If you haven't made your points with them by then, it's too late."

Betty Ford
Betty Ford "The Last Word"

Rating: 3.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Good men are like wine, some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age."

Rating: 5.71 (Number of Voters: 7)

"There are only three things that can kill a farmer: lightning, rolling over in a tractor, and old age."

Bill Bryson
Bill Bryson "The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America"

Rating: 5.80 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has."

Anita Brookner
Anita Brookner "The Misalliance"

Rating: 3.40 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness."

F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz"

Rating: 7.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"I'll trade wisdom for youth any day."

Brad Pitt Los Angeles Times; December 26, 2008
Brad Pitt Los Angeles Times; December 26, 2008

Rating: 7.67 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old: It is the rust we value, not the gold."

Alexander Pope
Alexander Pope "Imitations of Horace"

Rating: 4.60 (Number of Voters: 5)

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art."

Rating: 5.20 (Number of Voters: 5)

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm."

Rating: 7.80 (Number of Voters: 5)

"With the cruelty of youth I allowed myself to be irritated by traits in my father which, in other elderly men, I have since regarded as lovable foibles."

Clive Staples Lewis
Clive Staples Lewis "Surprised By Joy"

Rating: 7.50 (Number of Voters: 2)

"The years as they pass plunder us of one thing after another."

Horace "Epistles"

Rating: 2.33 (Number of Voters: 3)

"In one's youth every person and every event appear to be unique. With age, one becomes much more aware that similar events recur. Later on, one is less often delighted or surprised, but also less disappointed."

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein "Letter to Queen Elizabeth of Belgium"

Rating: 7.00 (Number of Voters: 3)

"Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."

Saint-Exupery-Antoine-de "The Little Prince"

Rating: 6.83 (Number of Voters: 6)